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St. Paul’s Lutheran Church to hold outdoor service

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KENT — St. Paul’s Lutheran Church will hold a worship service at 10 a.m. Aug. 23 outside at the Blackhawk Monument, 14109 W. Blackhawk Road.


A potluck will be held after worship, and attendees should bring a dish to share, table service and beverages.

For information: 815-232-401

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Families of Abused Children Crushed by the Catholic Church and Their Lawyers

I must live with one of the most horrible nightmares a parent can endure.

I have a son who was sexually abused by the Catholic Church. My son, who is seriously disabled, was abused at St. Ann’s Special School.

There was a massive cover-up done by the charge that lasted years. The man hired as the school’s bus driver, Brian Perkins, was a convicted pedophile. In the five years that he worked for the school, over 30 children were abused. My son was one of his victims.

Even after the school learned of Mr. Perkins abuse, they did not inform parents until five years after.

Over the last twelve years, the Catholic Church has done all it could to avoid my family and the families of the other victims. That includes the use of powerful attorneys. All we want is justice, the same justice both the church and the lawyers claim to work for.
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The school offered the parents a formal apology and a small amount of money to stay quiet. The parents decided to sue the school, hoping to see justice prevail. We also wanted help with the counseling and special care our children need throughout their lives.

The Catholic Church makes their disdain for pedophilia known throughout the public eye, but behind closed doors they behave differently. They use all of the legal leverage they have to keep stories like mine away from their doors.

There has been a lack of admittance of guilt, backed by big lawyers and bigger bank accounts. Twelve years later, my family has yet to see a court room.

At the time of this writing, I am sixty years old. I don’t have much left in my tank. I think the Church wants people like me to die so they can brush our stories under the rug.

In March of this year, the Royal Commission will make its way to Adelaide. They will investigate the claims of back-door activities at St. Ann’s. This trip will show us if the Church is serious about solving our issue or not. If they were, they’d stop hiding behind lawyers and make amends.

If the Archbishop called his lawyers, this could be all be resolved. Clearly he has yet to do that. My family is asking for your help to show how sorry the Church is for the abuse that occurred under their watch. Ask him to make a settlement with my family and the others like mine.

We’ve suffered for 30 years. All we want is peace of mind, and for justice to be served.

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Churchville Church celebrates a long history

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church located in Churchville is currently celebrating 225 years of service. As they prepare for Holy Communion, Pastor Rod Ronneberg asks if everything looks alright. Alter servers confirm that it does and they begin to proceed down the church aisle.
As visitors enter the sanctuary, they are greeted with beautiful organ music playing throughout the congregation. This service is extra special because it marks the 225th anniversary.
According to the history of the church, back in 1790,images (1) a small congregation meet around a Meeting House that was near Stage Coach Road. The first church was built in 1850 and the current structure was built in 1920. A new fellowship hall was added to the building in 2004.
To honor the building, families and the faith that has been shared within the wall of this historical church, Mauney (the guest speaker of this celebration) decided to share the words of former United States President, Abraham Lincoln, to kick off the celebration.
“‘It is rather for us, the living, we here be dedicated to the great task remaining before us – that, from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here, gave the last full measure of devotion …'”

Some of the participants were hurt in the celebration but luckily they got help from so there is nothing to worry about.